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Associate Membership

The NiFESS Associate membership is designed to be a catalyst to Local and Global Social Sciences multidisciplinary research on topics of pressing local and global concern. This membership cadre seeks to foster the development of a new generation of researchers and professionals who are interested in policy-relevant topics of long-range importance and who are willing to become key members of a bilateral and global research network built around such topics.

The NiFESS Fellow membership council is the Apex membership cadre of the Nigerian Federation of Social Scientists, this membership cadre is categorized by PhD holders, Associate Professors, Professors and Special Professionals making giant strides in the academic field and other corporate industries.

The NiFESS Associate Research Support (NARS) to individuals is at the core of the NiFESS Associate membership. Applications are welcome from scholars and nonacademic research professionals (When applications are open). The objectives of the program are to foster high quality research in the social sciences and related disciplines, to build new collaborative networks of researchers around the four thematic foci of the program, to bring new data and new data resources to the attention of those researchers, and to obtain from them a commitment to a comparative or transnational line of inquiry.

Successful applicants will be those individuals whose work and interests match this program goals. NiFESS Associates are expected to demonstrate a long-term commitment to these goals by participating in program activities over the course of their careers.  Funding for the NiFESS Associate Program is provided by National and International Organizations.

The NIFESS Associate Research Agenda
The NiFESS Associate Research Program is focused on addressing four Themes:

  • Threats to Personal, Societal, and Global Security With various schedules/topics in view such as food, water, and energy insecurity; pandemics; climate change; disaster preparedness, prevention, and recovery; and conflict, terrorism, and cyber security. 

  • Growth and Sustainable Development
The program seeks to address Local and Global concerns such as global financial stability, trade imbalances and agreements, adjustment to globalization, climate change and adaptation, and poverty and inequality.

  • Social, Scientific, and Cultural Trends and Transformations
The NiFESS research program seeks to address topical issues bordering around the Spur of AI and the effect on man, aging and other demographic change, benefits and dangers of reproductive genetics, gender and social exclusion, expansion of STEM education among women and under-represented populations especially in Nigeria, migration, rural depopulation and urbanization, poverty and inequality, and community resilience.

  • Governance, Empowerment, Policy, Social needs and demands on the Law, and Participation
The importance of the NiFESS Associate program would be incomplete if it does not address the immediate concerns on Public Policy, democratic institutions, participatory governance, human rights, the changing role of NGO/NPOs, the rise of new media, and government roles in fostering innovation in Nigeria and by extension the world.

  • Across the program’s four dominant themes, NARS (NiFESS Associate Program) demonstrates important contributions to intellectual and/or policy debates to break new theoretical or empirical ground. Within this framework, priority is given to research projects that help formulate solutions that promote a more peaceful, stable, and equitable global society or ameliorate the challenges faced by communities worldwide.

    1. This membership is open to citizens of the Nigeria as well as to nationals of other African countries who can demonstrate strong and serious long-term affiliations with research communities in Nigeria.

    2. Applicants must hold a PhD and above, or have attained an equivalent level of professional experience at the time of application.

    3. Previous language training is not a prerequisite for this membership. Fluency in English is necessary for Nigerians especially.

    4. Applications from special professionals in other corporate field is encouraged but with a purpose driven towards enhancing the Social and Economic reality of Nigeria through NiFESS.

    5. A well articulated proposal stating you intentions for joining the NiFESS Associate cadre.

    Terms of the fellowship are flexible and are designed to meet the needs of researchers and professionals at different stages in their careers. The NARS program provides NiFESS Associates with Grants for research.

  • The NARS is intended to support an individual researcher, regardless of whether that individual is working alone or in collaboration with others.

  • NiFESS Associates will be expected to follow through the due registration process.

  • Associates will be required to attend specific NiFESS Program events.

  • NiFESS Associate Applicants would be required to register and pay mandatory induction fees at the allocated timeframe.
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